You have exquisite taste in your home furnishings. You appreciate artisan quality craftsmanship. You watch HGTV, scour Pinterest, Houzz and other websites gathering ideas to find the perfect piece. Maybe you come close, but the style, size, color or quality isn't quite right. Fortunately, your search has just ended - let me introduce myself.
I'm a guy with a passion for creating handmade, one of a kind artistic pieces. I love the challenge of creative problem solving. My artistic talent enables me to come up with unique design solutions. Then my craftsmanship expertise takes over to make these ideas a reality. The gestalt of this collaborative process is a unique customized piece that is exactly what you envisioned.
If you share my love for objects from the past, have specific custom needs, along with an appreciation for unique handcrafted objects let me help you bring something special into your home. Contact me to discuss any ideas you might have. Let's make something bodacious for your abode.
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